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# Is guarantee or money back policy available for this product ?

No one can assure guarantee for human body. Eventhough, we have 100% result we don”t say so, instead we say only 90% because there can be mild variations from one individual to another. About money back policy,the cost of this product is only Rs.200/- not thousands, then how can we give money back offer?

# Is hair growth possible on bald head?

Yes, of course if persons age is below 40yrs. Still some customers who are above 40 to 55yrs have reported & hair growth on their bald head, after vigourous massaging on the scalp.

# Is this hair oil effective only for bald head?

This oil is effective not only for baldness but also for conditions like hairfall dandruff,insomnia,migraine,sinusitis, tonsillitis,allergic rhinitis,effect of old head injuries, fungal infections of scalp etc, irrespective of age.

# Is the age 40 yrs applicable for hairfall also?Is the age applicable for hairfall also?

No, there is no age bar for any conditions other than baldness.

# This oil can be used only after bath. Will this cause cold,headache,neck pain,stiffness etc ?

Some people have a h/o sinusitis,migraine,rec.cold,phlegm etc. will have an acute increase of these symptoms for a few days. but in the further course it will be completely cured. For eg. a person with h/o sinusitis will bring out plenty of old yellow , offensive phlegm which had been trapped in the facial sinuses long back.

# How long should this oil be used?

At least 1 yr this oil has to be used. As this is a head & hair tonic,there is no harm in continuing the use of this oil,hair will grow for those people with h/o baldness in family ( ie. father/ brother / uncle being bald). Even though heridity plays a role in baldness, we can prevent baldness, with the early use of this oil in a son, whose father is bald. Even with h/o baldness those who are below 40yrs are getting result after using this oil.

# Immediately after using Anantha there has been an increase in hairfall,why ?

For some people there is an increase in hairfall initially because the already existing unhealthy hairs will fall off giving way new hair. This also will fall off as the strength of the hair is less but finally very thick, heathly & strong hair will come up. So there is no need to worry about.

# Can shampoo be used for washing hair,while using this oil ?

Soap should not be used for washing hair as it is a chemical which can enhance hairfall. Mild baby shampoo / greengram powder/ hibiscus leaf juice/thali powder/ shikakai powder can be used once in a week instead of using any chemical /shampoo for washing hair & scalp

# Is there any particular time for using this oil?

There is no particular time as such, but it should be used only after bath that too after drying the scalp & hair. Thoroughly massage the hair on the scalp for 15 mins to 1 hr, depending on the complaints.

# After applying this oil, pimples / boils appears on the scalp & face. Is this any allergy?

This is seen in some people whose body temperature is slightly high. There is no need to worry about because it will disappear on its own within a few days; this is a positive sign and not any allergy/side effect.