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Customer Feed Back

Anantha hair oil is being used by many people all around the world. The climatic conditions, quality of water,health status of each person etc.are the variable factors everywhere; but inspite of all these variables, Anantha hair oil has proved to be very effective in hairfall & the mentioned clinical conditions.

Many customers who are using Anantha hair oil has got sucessful results congratulates us.

Their feed back results are given below :

1. A 43yrs old man mr.Joseph George with 11 inch diameter baldness, who was wearing a wig, with
h/o migraine & phlegm, after using anantha for 20 days got much relief of headache & phlegm and hair growth started on his bald head. His son,8yrs.old, had a fungal infection of scalp with a patchy loss of hair on the scalp (alopecia areata). He also suffered for recurrent fever & tonsillitis with in 3 months the hairless patch disappearedand tonsillitis was cured.
Joseph George, Mamangalam, Ekm.

2. Mr. Uvais, never used to apply any oilon his scalp because he used to get headache & hairfall. He tried using Anantha and got cured of his headache & hairfall completely. Now he is using it regularly.

3. Mr.Prasad 24yrs has severe hairfall almost becoming bald. He used Anantha for 6 months, now there is thick rich hair on his scalp.


4.Mr Assiz”s daughter aged 10 had so much head lice. She also had humming sensation of ears while eating spicy food. She used this oil for 1 month, after which she was free from head lice and the burning of ear too vanished.
5.” Dr your Anantha Special Hair care oil is a wonderful medicine. It is not at all a mere hair care oil. It is really a ” HEAD CARE OIL”. Wefeel so. My wife aged 66 yrs was suffering from hearing problem for the last 5 yrs.She could hear no sound through the left ear for the last 5 yrs. 3 E.N.T specialists tried their best, but no result. At last, she applied your ‘MAGIC OIL”,within 2 months her hearing returned. Thank you,
                                            -These are the words of Sivathmajan Master,Kanthapuuram,calicut